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Patti Cantu, Mother of 3

"Science Mary is an all time favorite for my family. She has taught two of my kids' science classes, we have hired her for Birthday partys and attended her science camps. She is very interactive and able to keep kids as well as adults engaged and interested in what she is teaching. Her experiments are very informative, hands on and above all super fun! We absolutely love Science Mary- She is out of this world!"

We love Triple Decker Summer Camp!  The combination of art, science, and drama was a perfect mixture for our daughter. She came home every day excited to tell us about the things she learned and did at camp.

Elizabeth Trier, Busy Mom

The three leaders (of Triple Decker Camp) are an inspiring group of ladies who are kind, creative, and know how to make learning fun. My daughter boosted her confidence, gained some new skills, and enjoyed trying the wide variety of activities. We will be back!

Misty Barrera, Auntie

My little one loved camp. I think it was very informative, interactive, and affordable. I highly recommend it!!


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