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Science Mary started in 2013 to help kids get excited about science. The program has grown from 1 school, once per month, to reaching students in 6 West Valley elementary schools. The goal is still to get kids excited about science and encourage them to ask questions and stay curious. Each 6-8 class session covers biology, chemistry and physics. Other lessons include, geology, geography, weather, ecology and scientist biographies.

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Her Story

Mary Larson graduated from National Louis University in Evanston, IL. Her degree is a BA in Education with a concentration in mathematics. She has over 25 years of teaching experience, in all grades from kindergarten through 12th, including special needs children. Math, science and reading are among the topics she has covered.  She has worked in traditional classroom settings, as a tutor and in non-traditional settings. Mary Larson has led educational and outdoor camps since the start of her career.


She moved to Arizona in 2007 and chose to stay at home with her young children. As they have grown and become more independent, the Science Mary program has grown as well. 

Space exploration is her favorite topic to teach. In addition to the many exciting discoveries and adventures to discuss, there is an opportunity to learn life skills from NASA and its many partners.    Their continued collaboration and the outstanding work ethic displayed in the many ways space missions go above and beyond expectations are just two examples. 

In 2022, Science Mary began working with the White Tank Mountains Conservancy as their Youth to Mountains Program Lead. This has been an incredible opportunity to Think Globally and Act Locally.


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